Lockdown Chaos

We are currently on our 7th week in doors as a family having quarantined ourselves 2 weeks prior to South Africa's national lockdown. Not easy with 2 toddlers, 2 Great Danes, and a husband who functions beautifully after an ocean paddle. 
Cleaning. Fixing. Repainting. Organising. That's what people are talking about these days. I told my mom in week 2 "If you haven't cleaned out your closet by the end of lockdown, you most probably never ever will". That statement I now retract.
Since I am now in a worse home state than when lockdown actually began, I'm asking my guilty conscience WHY?
Because cleaning out requires extra time. This is something of a great luxury albeit we are indoors for all this time, it doesn't mean we are twiddling our thumbs. Rather we are the parents, teachers, granny, business owners, cleaners (so incredibly grateful to our house help and to Granny, and to school!). 
So, I just thought I'd put this forward to all the moms out there finding themselves sitting in the back corner room with three closed doors between yourself and the kids right now "working" as I am. When our kiddies are at school we'll get a bit more done. So let's take it easy until then. Conscience clearing. 
I challenge myself to this first... 


  • ftwibabsni

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Cara Sawyer

    Well I tried to call a few times to wish you a very happy anniversary but you’re obviously too immersed in mommy duty….
    But having said that, I totally know where you’re at and love you all the more for it. Congrats on being the best at being you, juggling it all so well and still looking so beautiful and relaxed.
    Happy 8th anniversary Micaela and Jasper, you’re an inspiration to so many! Proud and blessed to be your mom, even if you dress your kids in Christmas clothes in April.
    All my love

  • Chelsea Van Rooyen

    Had to have a giggle… I’m not even a Mom and I FEEL you! So beautifully written, and the images say 1000 words. You Moms can be super proud of each other and yourselves.

  • Nicola

    Ah so true! Thanks Mics, looking forward to more interesting reads… This one hit home!

  • Daniela Sawyer

    Wow!!! I absolutely LOVE this post! Considering you are a power business woman, you still manage to be the best mommy to your gorgeous cubs. This is such a great platform for all working / non working mommies to be able to read up on both your work and homely shenanigans, and they will be able to relate! Just lovely. Hats off! 💕

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