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A letter from Micaela, founder of Tribute

Who we are and where we've come from

Retail is such an exciting industry to be in, we count ourselves lucky! Each day brings something completely new - new products, new customers, new experiences. Most of all, we have FUN. 

I'm Micaela, the founder and director of Tribute. I started this business in 2013 with a few imported bikinis on a plastic rail in Camps Bay and with the help of my husband, team members, family and friends along the way, the business has taken many exciting shapes and forms - from pop-up spaces, to our own boutiques in malls, and finally what we are today: an e-commerce store with a showroom and warehouse in Claremont, Cape Town. 

With the launch of our online store in 2020, our brand is now accessible to all areas of South Africa and our parcels are being delivered in cities, towns, remote farms and even game reserves! The in-person shopping experience is also far more personal and relaxed, with our showroom open every weekday to any customers who prefer to see, touch and try on the items before purchase. 

The Tribute brand is built around two ideas: there's no time for boring clothes and we dress comfortably classy and bold. All our buying decisions match these two mottos and it is our promise to our customers to continue striving for difference and individuality in all our product launches. 

I'm a mom, wife and keen adventurer. I think most Tribute customers resonate with and share one or all three of these life priorities... and therefore when it comes to dressing, our needs likely meet too. 

Either way, thank you for finding yourself here. 

Micaela X

October 2014

The start of Retail

Our first retail store opened in October 2014, and was named "Feature", featuring many different local brands in one space. It was a hub of creativity with locally made products from clothing to homeware and artwork.

For 6 years we had various different pop-up and permanent retail spaces around Cape Town.

December 2015

Introducing Tribute

We had the opportunity to take up a second space in Cavendish Square, and as a result of that we had to come up with a second "brand", that brought forth "Tribute".

This was our fourth boutique in Cape Town, with two stores in the V&A Waterfront and two in Cavendish Square.


The family expanded

The arrival of my boys in 2017 and 2018 brought a whole new dimension not only to my life but to the business too.

Attached to me for their entire first year, they came everywhere with me. You could find them behind the counter, helping paint the stores, and accompanying me on every buying trip. The Tribute team were (and still are) their Aunties. It certainly takes a village to raise children...


Silver Linings

Having closed Feature in 2018 to focus on the Tribute brand, when Covid came upon us in 2020 we were in a position to pivot.

During lockdown, I was able to create the online store while my kids napped and it was the start of a whole new era for Tribute.

What may have taken years for us to get to, became an over night business change for the better. The moment lockdown semi-lifted the team were back at work packing orders and I was driving around Cape Town delivering them!

September 2021

Being Brave

The entire Tribute team thought we'd be a Cavendish fixture forever. It was our first home and we really did feel at home there.

However, by 2021 the ecommerce side of our business was requiring so much more of our efforts and we decided as a team to put all our energy, stock, woman-power into focusing on it.

Closing the last store in September 2021 was bittersweet. I can humbly say, we are so grateful we did.